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What is retro-reflectivity ?

Retro-reflection is the property that material can reflect light directly back to its source.  Any material that has this property is called retro-reflector.  The surface of material reflect the light back to its source is called a retro-reflective surface.


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What is HiwaLite
retro-reflective elastics?

HiwaLite coming from
High Intensity Wide Angle
is a profiled elastic retro-reflector with extremely high coefficient of retro-reflection. The remarkable high brilliance of this retro-reflector comes from a high quality base material of tightly woven fluorescent color elastics coated with technically precise layers of micro-lens elements. The special profile construction enables the micro-lens to catch incident light from a wide entrance angle to its surface. The material is then named as HiwaLite retro-reflective elastics which are used to make into different products for different safety applications.


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